Whoa, almost forgot about this week’s blogpost! It has been a super busy week. With finals fast approaching, I’m closer to all these deadlines. It feels like just yesterday when we were saying “oh we have all semester.” Time flies when you’re busy, I guess!

So it turns out all my freaking out last week was unnecessary.  Dr. Shermer really liked what I have so far and think I have plenty of time to wrap things up. My thesis will be modified a bit, but I am going to wait until I have a really good final draft of this paper before I modify. I’m also wrapping things up sooner than planned–instead of talking about Carter, Reagan, the Bushes, etc., I’m going to stop at Reagan. The current policies were best shaped during Nixon’s term, and Reagan’s term changed everything because he was known as the “antieducation president.” 

The following administrations just extended these programs, so it’s best to stop at Reagan and then relate it to current debates. I was hoping to have gotten a little farther by tonight, but unfortunately, I’ve had a super busy week and gotten sick this weekend, so I’m a tad behind. I should have the Reagan stuff wrapped up tomorrow. Then I’ll conclude. 

For now, I have to cut down on my historiography and change the tone a little. It’s funny how, when you’re almost 75% through a paper, you finally start shaping your argument and see where you’re going. What I’m noticing so far is that from LBJ onwards, its CONGRESS that’s not in control. Congress is choosing to take things beyond where the president intended to go, in each administration. I think sometimes we tend to forget that the lawmakers are in Congress, it’s not the president that’s making these laws. And that’s exactly what happening here. It’s very interesting and fun to make the connections in this case. 

I also have over a 100 entries in my bibliography, which, I find completely insane! But all these historical newspapers have valid arguments and I’m enjoying going through them. 


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