Week X

So I am now at the actual writing part of the paper. I’ve had to expand my outline a bit, because I jumped straight to the Higher Education Act which I had spent so much time on, completely disregarding the fact that my intention was to start after WWII. Next, I am going to do a little more research on the GI Bill of Rights and That National Defense Education Act to have some background information.

A student loan program already existed, but programs were specifically for certain groups, such as soldiers returning from war. There was no program that applied to everyone. Also, the demographics were different at the time of the HEA–upper-class white males were going to college at this time.

This would change eventually, but even after the HEA, it would take a more years for minorities to attend college. There’s lots of debate about whether the HEA helped lower income families or only middle-income ones. I think it’s interesting how the loan program would eventually expand so that anyone could take out a loan. Should all that money go to someone whose family can actually afford their education?

The hardest part for me right now is to stay on track without going off on tangents about things that I came across. Some of these things are helpful and very relevant to my research, while others are just interesting but would lead to a huge tangent and cannot be included in my paper.

An interesting thing I’ve come across that’s relevant to my research, though, is an article in the NYTimes in 1968 about how expensive and unaffordable higher education is for families that haven’t saved up. It made me laugh, though, because I wonder how that journalist would feel if he were to see how unaffordable higher education is now, when parents are usually not able to save up to pay for their children’s college education.

My assignment for the upcoming week is to fix the problems in my outline (I didn’t include citations in there!) and to write a section of the paper. It’ll be my first draft! I’m starting with the debates going on over the original HEA, and why it turned out to include more than the administration suggested.


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