Wow, typing out Week 8 has made me realize that we are actually halfway through this semester. I haven’t even started writing the actual paper yet! That makes me pretty nervous!

Paper-writing is about to start soon. I am equal parts excited and nervous for that. This past week has been all about building my bibliography, and just reading. i’ve been reading books that I’ve picked up from Cudahy and the Lewis Library, scanning intros to see what is the most useful. It’s interesting how so many things have the same repetitive information. Many of my primary sources just produce plans for improving aid to education, and I have come to realize that many commissions have been created to deal with financial aid for higher education. If all this effort was put into making it more affordable, what happened? Why did higher education just become more unaffordable?

As I write my first intro, I am realizing that there is no specific person, organization, or administration that can be blamed here. People have blamed the original HEA –I personally believe that the Higher Education Act of 1965 really got things moving in terms of financial aid. It made it more accessible and affordable, but while LBJ had great intentions and no good long-term plan–why should he get all the blame? Other administrations had ample chances to fix this, via reauthorizations. I think my argument is turning out to be that the reauthorizations are to blame here. Their fix was to just put the debt more on students.

And the thing to really consider here is–not only did grants decrease, but tuition went up. Tuition rates are insane right now, if compared to, say, the 70s. Why? Technology. Competition.

We want fancy new buildings and technology, and those fees are adding to our tuition. College is almost a necessity if you want a decent paying job nowadays, and those that are setting these tuition rates are aware of that. They know you’ll go to college even if you can’t afford it, because you’ll get an aid package. Almost everyone gets an aid package. Never mind the fact that most of that aid is actually student loans.

But i digress–I have to get back to wrapping up my initial intro. The problem here is that whenever I write a paper, my argument starts shaping up towards the middle, and is definitely solid in the end. Intros are hard because by the end, your argument has changed–or developed, depending on how you want to see it.

So I have a feeling that I will end up trashing half of this intro. Oops.

(probably what’s killing my motivation to wrap it up)

Anyway. I am suddenly significantly more excited about actual writing. This blog post has got the juices flowing in my brain again.


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